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However, this approach assumes a constant hard water effect over the entire period under consideration, which generally is unlikely.

Here we present a highly variable hard water effect through time determined from a combined chronology of two long sediment cores from Lake Heihai (NE Tibetan Plateau).

The method facilitates separation of less polar amino acids (mostly “essential”), currently not possible in the recently published protocol.

We discuss methodological developments, demonstrate carbon backgrounds, and present analytical approaches to minimize their effects.

The half-life is the time taken for an amount of a radioactive isotope to decay to half its original value.

Because this decay is constant it can be used as a “clock” to measure elapsed time assuming the starting amount is known.

This has been demonstrated through direct dating of bulk collagen from human bones and the remains of ungulate bone projectile points that were found embedded in them (Cook et al. We present improvements to a novel HPLC method for the detection and separation of underivatized amino acids using a water-only mobile phase free of organic or inorganic modifiers, ensuring very low carbon backgrounds.

Our hypothesis is that direct 14C dating of single essential and non-essential amino acids might allow an improvement in the dating accuracy for reservoir-affected human bones.

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Based on the relation between 14C ages and the input of allochthonous carbonates as well as calculated sedimentation rates, we developed an age-depth-model that estimates the actual ages of the sediments and allows the quantification of hard water effect through time.

This value varies from location to location based on localized upwelling, fresh water runoff and other conditions related to depth, circulation, salinity, etc.

A Delta±R correction is applied to a radiocarbon date that has already been corrected with the global marine reservoir correction.

Atmospheric carbon (expressing the "real" ages) can be mixed with older carbon from allochthonous input (e.g.

marl or limestone), causing an overestimation of 14C ages.

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