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The results of the auctions are listed at the end of this article. This magnificent 60" Recurve features a crowned, cut-on-center arrow shelf with Bear Hair mat and leather side plate. State Draw Weight, as available in the Shopping Cart. I was told onlt the 65lb bow was available, I would have preferred the 55lb.Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Hopefully this updated draft list satisfies collectors' numerous requests for information about identifying Bear Grizzly bows.As additional information surfaces, it will be copied and added here on the first page of this thread so we all have a quick & easy reference Grizzly Static Recurve, Single Shelf, Leather Rest Wedged Under Leather Grip, 621949 & 1950 - Woven Glass Back, Alum Lamination under Walnut or Cherry on Belly (1949 & 1950 difference explained below first image)1951 Blond Glass on Back, Alum Lamination under Cherry on Belly1952 Blond Glass on Back & Belly1953 Red/Orange Glass on Back & Belly Early 1949 Grizzly bows had one of two types of rectangular specification water transfer decals that were inscribed with each bows individual specifications.Later 1949 & beyond Grizzly bows had the draw weight and serial number inscribed below the leather grip.Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Grizzly Static Recurve, Double Shelf, RH & LH Shelf Cut Into Riser, Wedge Sight Window, 621954 Red/Orange Glass, Wood Brush Nocks on Belly, Decals1955 Black Glass, 4" Wood Tip Laminations on Belly, Decals1956 Black Glass, 4" Wood Tip Laminations on Belly, Silk Screens1957 Black Glass, Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Grizzly 1958-1963, Working Recurve, Single Shelf, 62"1958 Gray Glass, Wedge Sight Window1959 Carmel Glass Belly, Pea Green Back, 2 Light Chevrons in Sight Window1960 Carmel Glass Belly, Pea Green Back, 1 Light Chevron in Sight Window1961 Camo Painted (spray or leaf pattern)1962 White Glass 1963 Aqua Glass, Angled Dogleg Riser1963 Aqua Glass, Angled Dogleg Riser1963 Aqua Glass, Curved Dogleg Riser Grizzly, Working Recurve 1964 19691964 Brown Glass, Solid Zebrawood Riser1965 Brown Glass, Solid Zebrawood Riser, 5P1966 Gray Glass, Solid Bubinga Riser, 6P1967 Gray Glass, Solid Bubinga Riser, 7R (not shown in image below)1967.5 Brown Glass, Solid Bubinga Riser, 7R1968 Brown Glass, Solid Tigerwood Riser, 8R (duplicates shown in image below)1969 Forest Green Glass, Solid Shedua Riser, 9RSorry to post a poor quality image, could not get flash to work & could not find the blue background cloth... Posted by Wade Phillips (Member # 5312) on : Bjorn - Mistake on the list, just edited... The 1950 & 51 Kodiak has light wood over the Alum Lam and believe I have seen the light wood over the alum lam only on one Grizzly, did not mean to add that one to the list as it is the exception not the rule for the Grizzly.Since we were already somewhat familiar with how well bows have sold from selling them for a client we naturally gravitated to it.

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I think that the 58″ is basically the sweet spot when it comes to providing the perfect balance between hunting and target shooting – at least where a recurve is concerned.Although different in size & recorded information, both types of specification decals are yellow with a brown boarder.Below - The earliest known specification decal on a 1949 Grizzly designates the LBS (draw weight) and NO. 104, in the johnnyrazorhead collection as shown in the image below Below - The second, and not as rare, early 1949 Grizzly specification decal designates the bows PULL (draw weight), LENGTH, and NO. This smaller 1/2 x 3/4 rectangular water transfer, specification decal was first used on the pre-Grizzly Bear bows, in 1948, known to collectors as Transition Bows, and then was later used on perhaps 2,000 or more of the 1949 Grizzly bows as shown below.One item that sticks out are the vintage BEAR Recurve Bows.Recently on an out of town trip we stopped by an antique store like we usually do and saw this recurve bow in the corner.

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