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An autopsy revealed that the Garner death was a homicide, brought on, July 17, by “compression of the neck and chest, along with Garner’s positioning on the ground while being restrained by police.” The footage also shows that the cops who jumped Eric Garner with such enthusiasm were oblivious to his repeated pleas for air.

Neither was an attempt at resuscitation commenced once they realized Garner was unresponsive.

Takes Matt Damon's latest, "Elysium." Damon and director Neill Blomkamp insist there's no agenda, but it's been called a "transparently lefty" tale of the haves and have-nots, advocating for immigration reform and universal health care.

Finally, let me note that we were lucky to recruit an army of libertarian volunteers to turn many of our articles into audio versions for our free podcast, and to help copyedit articles.

by Doris Gordon copyright January 2003 Many who say they are personally opposed to abortion nonetheless support keeping abortion legal. To ask it is to concede that the political arena is about forcing beliefs on others by law.

Such a stance is often taken in the Catholic community, particularly by Catholics in politics. Calling herself "pro-choice," she said that as a Catholic she believes "what Catholics believe on abortion," and asked, "[I]s it right for government to force Catholic beliefs on every other faith? Government is not a think tank that makes political-policy suggestions. The power of the sword is implicit in all laws, just or unjust. Abortion isn't a victimless-crime debate; to abort a child isn't like smoking pot.

It can be argued, if anything, that Garner was being entrepreneurial.

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At the conclusion of the debate, the Cato Institute conducted a survey of debate attendees finding important similarities and striking differences between millennial conservative and libertarian attendees.

The Church holds that such children are human persons with rights, yet the "personally opposed" hold that it should be a woman's choice to destroy them.

If there is a credible reason for such a position, what is it? Catholicism had nothing to do with my coming to understand why abortion is a wrong, not a right, and why it should not be legal.

The survey finds that libertarian and conservative millennial attendees were similar in skepticism of government economic intervention and regulation but were dramatically different in their stances toward immigration, LGBT inclusion, national security, privacy, foreign policy and perceptions of racial bias in the criminal justice system.

While the survey is not a representative sample, this survey offers a snapshot of engaged conservative and libertarian millennial “elites” who have higher levels of education and political information, and who chose to come to this event.

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